Why Javascript is Programming Language of Future?

There was a time when Javascript was very Weak, non-performant language. Javascript was for Losers. But not anymore. Javascript has changed the game in last 10 years. Let see how it grew up and became the stronger than ever.

Game Changed when V8 came into the Picture

What is V8 Engine?

V8 is actually a JS Engine. It is actually an interpreter which executes JS code on the go. Before that, It was used to run on the Browsers only. A Javascript engine can be implemented as standard interpreter or JIT Compiler that compiles JS to bytecode in some form.

V8 is Google’s Open Source High-performance JavaScript and Web Assembly JIT Engine written in c++It is used in Chrome and Node.js among others. V8 Can run standalone, means it does not require any browser to run that code. Due to V8 server side execution of JS became possible and then node.js came into picture to run on server side.

What V8 Does?

What V8 does : 

1. Garbage Collection

2. Compilation to Machine Code

3.Inline Caching

4.Pointer Compression and Much more optimization: Pointer compression is very new technique in V8 to boost memory in optimization while having no effect on performance.

You can write Javascript and relax because its Code is in very good hands to be optimized and converted into machine code by state of the art optimizations available.

Vast Community

Javascript is only the Language which has biggest and most mature ecosystem.

As we all know that Javasript is just a browser away. You can just open up your browser and open console to run and test the JS Code. All the Browsers have JS Engine inbuilt to run the JS Code. In such way its very easy to get started with JS coding and learn and implement complex code.

When npm and yarn packages came into the game, now developers have almost all the packages ready and available to use it.

About Javascript it is said that, there is no problem in Javascript which is not having a solution over internet. Means its vast community has faced almost all the issues which you are going to face and all the problems have the solution on community forums like stackoverflow.

We have seen growth of Javascript by exponentially. Time by time community contributed to JS by building Frameworks. Later on we got many amazing frameworks for Frontend and BackEnd ie. JQuery, AngularJs, ReactJs and many more.

Node.js is playing big role for specially serving BackEnd programming using JavaScript.

Presence on all the platform.

In the beginning, JS was used for FrontEnd Development with HTML and CSS to give attractive FrontEnd of the page. Now it has opened its wings and now JS is available on all the platforms.

  1. FrontEnd (JQuery, Reactjs, AngularJs,VueJs)
  2. BackEnd (NodeJs)
  3. Mobile (ReactNative)
  4. Desktop (Electron)
  5. Hybrid (Ionic)

What we see today is just a milestone achieved by Javascript, next is the turn of the all the frameworks which will drive it behind the horizon.

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